Liberty Classes is transforming the way education is provided in today’s fast paced digital world.  

We provide high quality online coaching services in local languages, through the best teachers, at the most affordable price. Currently, we are offering classes for the CBSE and UP Board.

Our Mission

To provide high quality education that is affordable to all, in local languages, using the latest technology.

Our Story

Excellent education is the basic right of every child. At Liberty Classes, we believe no one should be deprived of this right because they lack money, resources, time, access to great teachers, or any other factor.

Millions of children nationwide, live in villages and small towns—where the majority of kids struggle to get access to great educators, and therefore, a great education. With quality local tutors and coaching centers demanding very high fees as well the long, time-consuming  trips required to reach such tuition services, these students are in need. They are being deprived of their basic right—excellent education.

Liberty Classes, founded by Sandeep Punjani and Deepak N, was started to help enable millions of students across India to get access to a high-quality education. Sandeep, a post graduate from IIT Delhi, and Deepak, an alumni  from the Indian School of Business Hyderabad, aimed to incorporate their educational backgrounds with their 40+ years of industry experience to develop an educational service that solved the difficulties that both founders experienced first-hand in their childhood—the same difficulties that are still being faced by countless today.

Thus, Liberty Classes was created as an educational platform built on the latest technologies from around the world to bring quality education into the hands of millions who need it most.

We believe that top quality education should be accessible in the hands of all. We hope to enrich students from all parts of the country with these resources at the lowest costs possible while also maintaining the highest quality of teaching.

Team Liberty Classes