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CBSE Class 11th Mathematics


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Enrolment validity: Lifetime

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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Unit-I: Sets and Functions – Sets

Unit-I: Sets and Functions – Relations & Functions

Unit-I: Sets and Functions – Trigonometric Functions

Unit-II: Algebra – Principle of Mathematical Induction

Unit-II: Algebra – Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Unit-II: Algebra – Linear Inequalities

Unit-II: Algebra – Permutations and Combinations

Unit-II: Algebra – Binomial Theorem

Unit-II: Algebra – Sequence and Series

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry – Straight Lines

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry – Conic Sections

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry – Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry

Unit-IV: Calculus – Limits and Derivatives

Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning – Mathematical Reasoning

Unit-VI: Statistics and Probability – Statistics

Unit-VI: Statistics and Probability – Probability



Senior Secondary stage is a launching stage from where the students go either for higher academic education in Mathematics or for professional courses like Engineering, Physical and Biological science, Commerce or Computer Applications. The present revised syllabus has been designed in accordance with National Curriculum Framework 2005 and as per guidelines given in Focus Group on Teaching of Mathematics 2005 which is to meet the emerging needs of all categories of students. Motivating the topics from real life situations and other subject areas, greater emphasis has been laid on application of various concepts.


The broad objectives of teaching Mathematics at senior school stage intend to help the students:

 to acquire knowledge and critical understanding, particularly by way of motivation and visualization, of basic concepts, terms, principles, symbols and mastery of underlying processes and skills.

 to feel the flow of reasons while proving a result or solving a problem.

 to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to solve problems and wherever possible, by more than one method.

 to develop positive attitude to think, analyze and articulate logically.

 to develop interest in the subject by participating in related competitions.

 to acquaint students with different aspects of Mathematics used in daily life.

 to develop an interest in students to study Mathematics as a discipline.

 to develop awareness of the need for national integration, protection of environment, observance of small family norms, removal of social barriers, elimination of gender biases.

 to develop reverence and respect towards great Mathematicians for their contributions to the field of Mathematics.

What to learn?

Ved Sir is an expert mathematics teacher, he explain each concept in detail and usually explains alternate methods to determine solutions so that each of his student can easily understand the topics. You will be able to explore your full potential relating to math skills and will never be afraid of maths again.


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Ved Sir has 11 year of experience in teaching Mathematics. His has helped many students to get very impressive grades and get selection into renowned institutes. Ved Sir has M.Sc. in Mathematics and B.Ed. Degrees. Some of his key
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  • Assignments for practice
  • Quizzes to assess your concepts
  • Doubt clarification through Q & A option

Enrolment validity: Lifetime