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CBSE Class 12th Physics Crash Course


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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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Chapter–1: Electric Charges and Fields

Electrostatics – Lesson 1


Senior Secondary stage of school education is a stage of transition from general education to discipline-based focus on curriculum. The present updated syllabus keeps
in view the rigour and depth of disciplinary approach as well as the comprehension level of learners. Due care has also been taken that the syllabus is comparable to the
international standards. Salient features of the syllabus include:

  • Emphasis on basic conceptual understanding of the content.
  • Emphasis on use of SI units, symbols, nomenclature of physical quantities and formulations as per international standards.
  • Providing logical sequencing of units of the subject matter and proper placement of concepts with their linkage for better learning.
  • Reducing the curriculum load by eliminating overlapping of concepts/content within the discipline and other disciplines.
  • Promotion of process-skills, problem-solving abilities and applications of Physics concepts.

The course will

  • Strengthen the concepts developed at the secondary stage to provide firm foundation for further learning in the subject.
  • Expose the learners to different processes used in Physics-related industrial and technological applications.
  • Develop process-skills and experimental, observational, manipulative, decision making and investigatory skills in the learners.
  • Promote problem solving abilities and creative thinking in learners.
  • Develop conceptual competence in the learners and make them realize and appreciate the interface of Physics with other disciplines.

What to learn?

This course will prepare 12th class CBSE students for board exams. The complete syllabus for 2020-21 school year is covered in 4 months. There will be 5 classes per week throughout the month including laboratory lectures to bolster the concepts.


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Omesh Sir has more than 33 years of teaching experience as P.G.T Physics for classes XI & XII. He has M.Sc. (Physics) and B.Ed. degrees. Some of his key achievements are - Authored a “Question Bank” in
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Material Includes

  • Video classes
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Laboratory Lectures
  • Last year's question paper practice

Enrolment validity: Lifetime