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Trial Class – Chemistry 12th


( 2 Reviews )

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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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Physical Chemistry – Part 1

Lesson 1: Rate of Reaction and Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction


This is a 2 weeks trial course that will include the video lectures, live online classes, assignments and quizzes. This course is being taught by very talented and experienced chemistry teachers, Dr. Arun Kumar and Dr. Arti Mehrotra. There will be 5 online classes per week of about 1 hour each. Once students register for the full course, they will also be provided with the free booklet (worth Rs. 800) containing important formulas, notes and practice questions.

What to learn?

Students will be able to understand the below topics after taking this trial course. Chemical Kinetics Rate of a reaction (Average and instantaneous) Observable properties of a reaction Types of reactions Factors affecting rate of reaction: concentration, temperature, catalyst


5.00 /5

3 Courses

Arun Sir has 15 years of experience in teaching Chemistry with focus on CBSE Board exams and IIT/MAIN/NEET/NCERT. He has mentored more than 3000 successful and selected students and is a renowned name of Kota as Chemistry teacher. Currently
5.00 /5

2 Courses

Dr. Arti has 15 years of experience in teaching Chemistry with focus on CBSE Board exams and IIT/NEET preparation. A large

Student Reviews

Very nice.
Chapter very nicely explained. Its very effective way to learn concepts. Sir explained it in a very good manner.

Arun sir explains very well.

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Material Includes

  • Video Lesson
  • Live Online Classes
  • Q & A/Doubt Clearing
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes

Enrolment validity: Lifetime