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Rise Of Online Classes Post COVID 19 Pandemic

When the lockdown was declared by the Indian Govt in March 2020 on the grounds of COVID-19, there was a rise in usage of the internet. Social media giants like Facebook & Instagram saw a massive spike in active social media users.

Fact that schools were shut down during the lockdown, students had to shift from traditional offline education to online. Slowly students across the globe got used to the online classes.

In the beginning of the lockdown, students and more importantly their parents faced a lot of issues while keeping up with this new trend of online studies. Now, when students and parents got comfortable with this new way of education, they are preferring  it over physically going to school and coaching centers.

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One of the major reason for this shift is safety. As the pandemic is not over yet fully, and parents are concerned about their child’s safety, they are more comfortable with online classes.

As a result of this shift in consumer behaviour, Ed-tech companies started to work on filling the vacuum in online education market. Clearly, there is a sudden rise in demand for online coaching platforms since pandemic has hit the world.

Rise Of Online Classes

Although it was not easy for students and parents to adapt to online education, they are adapting to it very well. Easy access to smartphones and generous data plans offered by mobile phone companies helped the transition. The parents and students are observing the following benefits of this transition to online studies

  • Flexibility : Studnets can study at any time, convenient to them, from anywhere. They can also review the lessons multiple times, if there is a need.
  • Time saving : Since students don’t have to travel to take classes, they can save lot of time which they can use productively for other activities.
  • Money saving : Students are not only saving travel costs, in general they are paying less towards the cost of education.
  • Access to high quality teachers : Since location is not a constraint for online education, students can get the education from best teachers, even if they are located hundreds of kilometres away.
  • Safety : Since there is no travel required, online education is much more safer for the students.
  • Environment friendly : Since no travel is needed for online classes, there will be less vehicles on the roads, resulting into less pollution.

Future Of Online Classes in India

With major Ed-tech companies in India are bullish over this new market of online education, there seems to be no looking back for online coaching. In near future, more & more brands will dive in and the competition in online classes will rise tremendously.

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